We believe in wood – today and tomorrow

JPJ-Wood Oy is a family-owned sawmill located in the Juupajoki municipality in Finland. We are committed to the responsible use of Finnish forests and environmentally friendly production of timber. We promote sustainable practices within the saw industry.

We regularly invest in the latest technology to stay in the forefront of development. Our investments include widespread modenisation projects that have diversified our sawmill operations and widened our role in the markets. Today, we are a major regional wood processing company.

JPJ-Wood in numbers



200 000 m3

production capacity (ready sawn timber)


export countries

Wood processing from 1994 onwards

JPJ-Wood was founded by Kauko Luodelahti in 1994. His first step was to set up a log sorter, followed by a sorting facility for sawn timber just a year later. Back then, the logs were sawn with a rental saw mounted on wheels. After the introduction of a fixed sawing line in 1997, the sawmill’s production started to grow steadily.

In 2006, the company went through a change of generation as Kauko’s sons Markus and Manuel Luodelahti took the helm of the family business. You can learn more about our history through the video.

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Good employer, reliable partner

As a family business, we strive to provide a consistent, communicative, and results-oriented working environment for our employees. This results in high-quality work and helps to create good relationships with our customers and partners. We provide service with a familiar human face, with a highly professional attitude.

A modern sawing line is the core of our process. It allows us to saw logs efficiently from 12 cm top log diameter to large trunks up to 40 cm in diameter. Our annual production capacity of ready sawn timber is approximately 200,000 m³.

Headed in the right direction

Long-term commitment to ecologically, financially, socially and culturally sustainable work is important for us as a local business. Making far-reaching plans is important for both forest owners as well as the sawmill.

Our history has proved the value of our beliefs. We have faith in our own work that generates well-being around us in many ways. We also have faith in Finnish forests and products made of our local wood – today and tomorrow.

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