Sawn timber from the world’s best wood

JPJ-Wood Oy produces sawn and planed timber products mainly for international export markets. The raw material we use is 100% Finnish, renewable wood – the very best wood there is.

A Finnish saw industry pioneer

Our advanced, modern production line ensures that we can saw logs efficiently and reliably and optimise the work individually for each log.

We constantly invest in the latest technology to stay ahead in the evolution of our business. We were the first private sawmill in Finland to start using X-ray scanners for logs, for example. In addition, we pay special attention to the environmental impact of our operations and invest in sustainable, energy efficient solutions.

Raw material sourced within 200 km of sawmill

We annually acquire approximately 400,000 m³ of wood. Our wood acquisition is guided by our customers’ needs and the high harvest rate of saw-timber trees. The number of logs acquired from the forests is high due to efficient cutting and the use of thinner logs.

All our raw materials come from Finland within a 200 km radius of the sawmill. Our forest department takes care of the timber trade from start to end flexibly and reliably in co-operation with local transport and machine businesses.

Our products – quality timber for many purposes

Calibrated timber

Strength-graded, CE, UKCA and MGP certified

Tailored customer products

Quality and dimensions
per customer requirements

Standard sawn timber

Standard dimensions and lengths

Production numbers

90 %


200 000 m³

production capacity (ready sawn timber)

70 % / 30 %

spruce / pine


Pulpwood and energy wood
Top log
Wood structures / trusses
Middle log
Glulam industry
Bottom log
Interior and exterior linings
Packaging industry


Pulpwood and energy wood
Top log
Furniture and carpentry industries
Glulam boards / blanks
Interior lining and floorboards
Heat treatment
Middle log
Log house industry, log and lamella blanks
Raw materials for outdoor and garden construction
Packaging industry
Heat treatment
Bottom log
Blanks for construction and carpentry industries
Door and window industries
Baseboard industry

From log to sawn timber

Quality and optimisation sorting of logs transported to sawmill

Individual sawing of each log

Drying, classifying and packaging sawn timber

Shipping to customers around the world

JPJ-Wood at your service!

Whenever you need high-quality sawn timber, get in touch! We provide a wide selection of products complemented by expert customer service.

Market-specific contacts:

Marko Lindstedt: Finland, the Baltics, Algeria and Morocco
Pauli Aaltonen: Other European countries, the Middle East, Asia and Australia

Sales Director

Pauli Aaltonen

+358 40 839 6330

Sales Manager

Marko Lindstedt

+358 50 338 5222