Sustainable and careful utilisation of raw material guides JPJ-Wood Oy’s wood acquisition and operations in the forest and at our sawmill

JPJ-Wood Oy operates according to Finnish laws, the requirements of the forest certification, and the documentation criteria of the Chain of Custody certification. As proof of this, the company has received the PEFC Certification. 100 % of the wood used by JPJ-Wood is from Finland. We follow the principles of sustainable development in our operations by, for example, ensuring forest regeneration and securing biodiversity.

The expertise of the personnel and the continuous improvement of different areas form the cornerstone of our company.Our company is committed to observing the employees’ rights and responsibilities and to protecting their safety and wellbeing.

Around 50 % of the saw-timber trees we use as raw material are processed into sawn timber, which is typically used in construction and can be further processed to produce different products such as furniture. Wood is often used to replace non-renewable materials in different applications. Sawn timber also enables long-term carbon storage.

We also have clear guidelines for the processing of sawn timber by-products. Wood chips are sold to paper and pulp mills. When necessary, the sawdust is used together with the bark as a biofuel in our own heating plant. When this is not necessary, the sawdust is sold to pulp mills, chipboard factories, pellet plants, or other bioenergy plants. The bark is burned in the bioenergy plants co-owned by JPJ-Wood Oy and the municipality of Juupajoki. The heat energy is used to dry our sawn timber and also in the district heating in the municipality of Juupajoki.

Sawn timber 50 %

Wood chips 25 %

Sawdust 15 %

Bark 10 %