Wood Processing

New technology saves wood and protects the environment

Thanks to the advanced technology, the utilisation rate of the wood we process has increased enormously. Our wood acquisition is controlled by the customers’ needs and the high acquisition of saw-timber tree. The amount of saw-timber tree from the forest is high because of good cutting and the use of thinner log. With the Hewsaw line we are able to saw Finnish spruce and pine tree with a top diameter of 12–42 cm. After sawing the timber goes to the kilns and through automatic grading system before packaking.

Our modern production line and professional personnel take care of the efficient use of raw material. Our sawn timber products are high quality and accurate of the measurement. High-class outcome is ensured by controlling the quality during whole process from the forest all the way to the customer.

Productions facts

In 1-shift 100 000 m3 of finished wood/year

Spruce/Pine ratio:
70/30 %

80 %