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X-Ray meter for log sorting

X-Ray meter installation has started and it will be in use during July 2017. This investment improves efficiency of raw material use and makes possible to separate different customer qualities  as early as log. Overall grading result will be more stable to match better for the end user needs.    

Marko Lindstedt for Sales Manager and Tomi Ahola for Production Planner

Marko Lindstedt has start as Sales Manager on August. Marko will first take care of domestic markets and later partly export markets. Tomi Ahola also started on August as Production Planner, Jari Pulli has moved to another company. Updated information on contact page    

JPJ-Wood to invest new channel dryer

JPJ-Wood has acquired new channel dryer from Heinolan Sahakoneet. Channel dryers yearly capacity is 50 000 cubic meters and it is scheduled to start in Autumn. After the investment JPJ-Wood’s annual drying capacity will be 180 000 cubic meters with current spruce/pine distribution.

Sales department update

Sales man Seppo Salonen retired 29.1.2016. At the same time Sales Assistant Laura Hakkarainen started maternity leave. Sales Director Pauli Aaltonen takes care of the sales and Eeva-Kaarina Korpela works as deputy to Laura. Updated contact information can be found on contact-page

The past year and the outlook for 2015

The 20th anniversary year of JPJ-Wood in 2014 ended on a positive note. The sorting line was completed early in the year and investments were continued at the biopower plant, with the heat production starting at the end of October. Due to investments and the development of other operations, 2014 saw a new record in Read more…

A biopower plant under construction

Juupajoen Lämpö Oy, located on the site of JPJ-Wood, is building a new biopower plant to complement the current 5-MW Sermet constructed in 1998. The supplier of the new heating plant is Urbas from Austria, and its capacity is 6 MW. The plant is supposed to start operation in November. The purpose of the plant Read more…

Blades hot for 20 years

JPJ-Wood celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The company was founded by Kauko Luodelahti in 1994. Since the generational change in 2005, Markus and Manuel, the sons of Kauko, have been involved in the management of the company. JPJ-Wood has grown by small, steady steps since its establishment. The company has now settled in a Read more…

The new sorting line for sawn timber completed soon

The new sorting line for dry sawn timber is going to be completed in early 2014. Test runs with the new line are intended to begin after Epiphany. All new line parts will be supplied by Passimo Oy. The line will also utilise old, partially modernised pockets and a packaging machine, both by Almab. The Read more…