Using raw material as accurately as possible controls JPJ-Wood Oy’s wood acquisition and operations in the forest as well as at our sawmill

We have clear guidelines for side products. The bark, produced as a sawing by-product, is burnt in the bioheating plants co-owned by JPJ-Wood Oy and the municipality of Juupajoki. The heat energy is used to dry our sawn timber as well as in the district heating in the municipality of Juupajoki. The sawdust, produced as a by-product, is used together with the bark, when necessary, as a biofuel in our own heating plant. When not needed, it is sold to the pulp mill, chipboard factory, or other bio burning plant. The unseasoned woodchips, produced as a by-product, are sold to paper and pulp mills. The dry woodchips are sold to the wood pellet factory.

JPJ-Wood Oy is an environmentally aware company that understands the importance of maintaining natural bio-diversity. We operate according to the requirements of forest certification in the areas from which we source our raw material and always adhere to the terms of our chain of custody certification.

JPJ-Wood Oy constantly monitors and seeks ways to improve the way we function. We are always mindful of our social and economic responsibilities within the local community and take care to comply with all relevant laws and obligations.

The cornerstone of JPJ Wood Oy is the experience, expertise and loyalty of our personnel and the company is committed to look after their rights and welfare and always work as prescribed by Contractors’ Liability Law.

In 2002, we received the right to use the international PEFC-certification label, number 2339-6.